Youth Award Information & Requirements

The application must consist of a copy of the fall’s semester grades and a statement stating that the applicant is still a full-time student and a letter requesting a NDCEL Financial Award.  All applicants shall be ranked according to GPA (no names) and the NDFEL Board of Trustees will determine the number and amount of the Financial Awards to be distributed from the GPA listing.


The financial awards will be given to children of regular (full/active membership) NDCEL members only.  The financial awards will be given the second semester of each school term.  The number of financial awards and the amounts of each award will be determined by the Board of Trustees of the NDFEL based on monies available.  The financial awards could vary in amount and number each year.  The NDFEL Board of Trustees has the right to vary the amounts awarded.  The awards can be banded or grouped and the minimum eligibility criteria shall be a 2.75 GPA on a 4.00 scale.  The minimum NDCEL Financial Award shall be $200.00

1.   The applicant for a NDCEL Financial Award must be a child of a full, active NDCEL member and be a full time, post secondary student.

2.   The applicant for a NDCEL Financial Award must be classified as a full-time student and taking a minimum of twelve hours with a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale.

3.   The recipient of a NDCEL Financial Award must be a full time, post secondary student during the semester of the award and may receive the award only once.

The NDCEL Financial Award will be based on the fall semester’s GPA.  There will be no weighting of the GPA for different programs or institutions.  All grades must be considered and any incomplete grades must be calculated as a failure. 

The funding of the North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL) Financial Award Program will be derived through contributions, memorials, and honorariums from members and friends of the NDCEL.  The monies collected will be deposited with the North Dakota Foundation for Educational Leadership (NDFEL), Inc.  Ninety percent of the deposits shall remain as an endowment and ten percent plus all interest and dividends can be distributed as financial awards and used for operating expenses such as advertising and mailings.  The NDCEL or its designee will regulate all of the monies.