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NDCEL/DPI Bootcamp Presentations
Superintendent Finance and Budgets
 Effective Teaching and Teacher Evaluations - Russ Ziegler and Kevin Hoherz 
Innovation - Dr David Flowers
Choice Ready - Dr. Aimee Copas, Russ Ziegler, Ned Clooten
School, Community & Media Relations - Paula Suda and Mark Vollmer
Balance, Time Management, Big Firsts, Culture/Climate - Scott Faul and Amanda Meier
First Impressions New School Administrator - Mike McNeff and Scott Privatsky
 Recruitment & Rentention of Quality Teachers in Rural North Dakota - Mike Bradner and Kirk Ham
 Board Relations - Travis Jordan, Mike Bitz and Jim Johnson 

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Troy Hutchings - Professional Ethics for Educators

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There have been some questions related to school closures due to weather or other emergencies. Here is some guidance for all! (Click here)

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Check out our new vacancy website at  North Dakota school districts can subscribe to this service and be able to post ALL their school-related job openings. Download an enrollment form today (click here).

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Executive Director Deliberations

This legislative session has really gotten me to thinking about a number of things regarding education and NDCEL.  What are the true needs of our members?  How are we, and how can we better be a support system that at the end of the day positively impacts kids?  I think that the answer to this lives within some questions that we need to continually ask ourselves.

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